Data Policy

Data Policy


What you give to us and why


We do not sell your personal data.


We take security and privacy very seriously. Survey participants will download the mobile application from the App Store or Google Play onto their personal devices. Participants’ email addresses and device ids are encrypted in our database so that no one, not even us, has access to any personally identifying information.


       We do not ask for any permissions to access contacts, photos, or the contents of their phone.



Our survey is contingent upon the verification that Users have access to only one survey application at a time. For this purpose, we use the Device ID to create a unique ID in our system. For research validity, we collect demographic information that is tied to the unique ID. Without some basic demographic information, any meaningful insights from aggregating and analyzing the data will not be possible. We recognize that this information can be sensitive, but it is core the purpose of the application, namely to collect information around feelings of physical security from volunteers to inform trust and safety features on for our navigation products. This is why we DO collect demographic information but DO NOT collect any information that can tie a response to an individual respondent. Therefore, we do not ask for verification of identity (“KYC”).


Sensitive, but not personally identifiable information collected is:


·       Age

·       Gender Identification

·       Zip code


Other information that is generated by using the app:


·       Geolocation when the survey is taken, every time it is taken

o   This is able to be turned on and off by the User

·       Non-personal information such as IP address, and the type of mobile device used

·       Other reported information that the User knowingly generates


Other permissions you give to us


By using the Service, you grant us the permission to:


·       Use the device ID to create a unique identifier in the system

·       Send push notifications to a User’s phone to the captured device ID


Data Storage


Appropriate cybersecurity measures are taken to ensure the security of User’s responses and demographic information. After signing up, a unique id is created in the system.


No personally identifiable information is collected and only User generated information is stored as long as the User is an “Active User.”


Data that the User knowingly generates from their interaction with the survey, despite deleting their account, will remain in the database unless the User submits a written request for removal to Intrepid Women may deny this request if there is pending arbitration case, an unresolved dispute, or otherwise requested from law enforcement, government agencies, or other authorities with legal jurisdiction over said User’s data history.



Data Transfer to Third Parties


Intrepid Women does not transfer any personally identifiable information to third parties unless required by law. Survey data is not transferred to third parties, though the insights from data analysis may be shared with institutional partners.  


Intrepid Women, Inc reserves the right to transfer data:


·       To developers or third parties that are contracted specifically for app software development or maintenance

·       To third parties following a judicial order, a verdict, a judicial, decision, or any demand made by an authorized authority.

·       As evidence between the Service provider and the User for arbitration.

·       In cases where the User was making illegal uses of the app or violated the Terms of Use policy

·       Where the operation will sell or transfer in any way the activity of the application to a corporate or legal body. The third party shall take on all the directives in the privacy policy.


Intrepid Women reserves the right to transfer non-personally identifiable information to third parties such as statistical information about User’s activity on the app or information regarding an incident report.


Intrepid Women reserves the right to sell anonymized and aggregated information in the forms of reports, trends, and graphs.


Right to Review Information


Users have the right to review and request the data that is collected about them. To request the collected data, please write to:


Intrepid Women

24A Trolley Square #1460

Wilmington, DE 19806-3334


Or email







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