What geographic areas does Bibti cover?

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How do I join Bibti?

All you need to do is make a profile with your Georgetown or George Washington University email and wait for verification.

How much does it cost to use Bibti?

Bibti is free for users.

Who can use Bibti?

As of now, any Georgetown student who identifies as a woman can use Bibti. Nonbinary and genderqueer people are also welcome to apply to join Bibti. As Bibti grows, we’ll consider opening it to more groups of people, as well as finding engagement opportunities for people who cannot use Bibti directly. Male allies are encouraged to share Bibti with eligible loved ones.

What geographic areas does Bibti cover?

For the Georgetown pilot, Bibti is currently bounded by M Street, Wisconsin Avenue, Whitehaven Parkway NW (the north side of Burleith), and the forest on the west side of campus. In other words, only Georgetown’s main campus and its immediate surrounding areas are covered.

How does Bibti work?

Bibti is a platform that supports a community of women supporting other women. When a buddy is requested, all available buddies within a one-mile radius will receive a request SMS. After the responder indicates a willingness to pair, the requester can then accept or reject their buddy pairing. Bibti works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, though user demand and community responsiveness determines how available buddies will be.

How do we verify users?

We’ll first ensure that you are indeed a Georgetown or George Washington student through your institutional email, confirming you’re a member of this community and identify as a woman. Two-factor authentication and a short waiting period for users to join the app will also be additional measures we’ll take to make Bibti as safe as we can. If there is any uncertainty, we will have a team member give you a short call, just to make sure all is above board.

If I’m paired with someone I’m not comfortable with, do I have to go on a walk with them to use Bibti?

When you get paired with someone on Bibti, you both must mutually accept the walk in order for the match to complete. In other words, you’re free to decline a match if you’re not comfortable with it. Additionally, a rating system will help us ensure participating users are continuing to have positive experiences with their walk partners.

How are you using my information?

When you get in touch with another user to arrange a walk, your phone number will kept private from the other party. We only disclose basic biographical information (i.e. name, age) to other users so they can make informed decisions about their comfort level with who they choose to walk with. We may aggregate and analyze anonymized data to better understand how to make spaces safer for women, but we will never sell your personal information to third-parties.
Still have a question? Contact us: info@bibti.app