Our Logo Story

In the modern age, traffic lights can be found all over the world. While there is some variation, red mean stop and green means “Go”! Our logo is our interpretation of these traffic lights. The three circles are rearranged in a pinwheel fashion, giving them a sense of motion. We felt this was a perfect to symbolize women on the move.

Our Name Story

Bibti is derived from the Arabic term of endearment for women: Habibti. It means “My love” or “My darling” and is commonly used between friends and family members alike. We want all women to feel valued and believe that this term of endearment embodies the feeling that all women should have while traveling.

About Us

Intrepid Women is a tech company dedicated to providing innovation solutions for women’s safety in transport. Female founded and owned, Intrepid Women is the result of hours of conversations about sexual harassment and violence against women. We intimately understand the fear of moving around solo in cities. We understand the hypervigilance described by other women because it is also our own. While street harassment and sexual assault in public spaces may be the reality, we refuse to accept this as our future. Intrepid Women seeks to create thoughtful products that mitigate women’s vulnerability as they move in public spaces. We envision a world where women can move freely, without fear.


We aim to keep women safer until we can create a world where everyone can move fearlessly and freely in public spaces.
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