Bibti Application Service

Terms and Agreements


Welcome to the Bibti application’s (the “Service”) Terms and Agreements.

The Bibti application is provided by Intrepid Women and these terms of use create an agreement between you (the “User”) and Intrepid Women, Inc. This agreement is entered into upon the User’s downloading the application to a i). Mobile device ii). Tablet or other smart device, and/or iii). Personal computer.

The service will provide you with the features, software, services, and technologies to operate and execute its vision: a world where everyone can move more fearlessly and freely in public spaces worldwide.

The service consists of:

  • – Developing and operating technologies that allow us to meet our User’s safety needs


  • This offering is created by Intrepid Women, Incorporated for the express purpose of providing its Users with a pre-emptive technology-based safety products.
  • The core technology employed will facilitate the creation and usage of the following application features. These include, but are not limited to, travel buddy matching, SMS messages sent to a contact list predetermined by the User, and in-app SMS messaging features with travel buddy matches.


  • – Ensuring access to our services
  • We believe that women will adopt and use products that will add value to their lives. Therefore, we commit to keeping our technology maintained, bug-free, and up-to-date so that our Users can have as little interruption as possible.


  • – Create a positive, inclusive, and safe environment[1]


  • Our success is dependent on the trust of our users, and nothing will break down trust faster than dishonesty. We aim to ensure that the most stringent vetting processes are in place to ensure the safety and to earn the trust of the women who use these offerings.
  • Users that violate our Terms of Use will be removed from the platform. Other litigation will be determined on a case-by-case basis, or where required by law.


  • – Research and innovation
    • As we track our successes and failures, we will collate and evaluate our track record to better inform future decisions for Intrepid Women.
  • We are committed to continued research and development to ensure our products meet or exceed the expectations of our Users.
  • We also commit to work with others to ensure the well-being of those in our community.

How Our Service is Funded: ie business model

In order to maximize our user’s privacy and create a seamless User experience, we do not advertise on our platform nor will we ever sell User’s personal data. In turn, we require Users to subscribe to our service.

In addition to User subscriptions, Intrepid Women may enter into contract agreements with third parties to offer coupons, promotions, or other commercial opportunities for our Users.  There may be corporate partnerships to subsidize the cost of the app, but these corporate sponsors will never have access to User personal data. Corporate partners may receive reports containing aggregate demographic information with how User’s interact with their paid promotion. For example, a coffee shop that offers coupons may receive a report that 30% of app User’s between 18-24 interacted with the promotion.

Intrepid Women reserves the right to conduct data analysis in using aggregated demographic data and data generated by the User’s interaction with the application. We reserve the right to analyze User generated data such as geolocations and incident reports. Intrepid Women reserves the right to provide, or sell, third parties aggregated and analyzed data heretofore referred to as “Data Products”.

Your Commitments

Who can use the Bibti App

In return for using the Service, the User agreed to certain commitments. We want our Service to be as open and inclusive as possible, but we recognize for the good of the community that we need to set some ground rules. By using the service, you agree to the following conditions and restrictions on the Service:

  • – Only currently enrolled Georgetown students aged 18 or over are allowed on the applications. Users must be verified through their Georgetown ID and may only use the applications for their own purposes.
    • – – Violations will result in the account being deleted and the participant blocked from future use.
  • – Users must not have a restraining order against them.
  • – Users must not be under review from Georgetown for sexual or safety misconduct.
  • – Users must not be a convicted felon or a convicted sex offender.
  • – Users must be women or gender-marginalized individuals

How you can’t use the Bibti App

Safety is based on trust. In order to be a trustworthy service there are ways of using the Service that will not be permitted or tolerated.

Users may not:

  • – Use the app to network with peers in order to sell a product, promote a company, or event that is unaffiliated with the Service.
  • – Impersonate other people or create multiple profiles. The identify verification process ensure that all Users are who they say they are to the best of our ability.
  • – Do anything illegal, misleading, fraudulent, or violent to yourself or to others while using the Service.
  • – Do anything that would impair, undermine, or otherwise damage the intended operation of the service.
  • – Attempt to access or collect information in unauthorized ways. This includes asking other Users for personally identifying information (such as a phone number or email) on the app, sending surveys to other Users, etc.
  • – Post someone else’s private information or personally identifiable information without express permission from that person.
  • – User’s may not post or disseminate personally identifiable information, such as a photo or phone number, of another User in any way.

Users who violate these standards will have their accounts be disabled immediately and removed from the pilot. Where applicable, and/or required by law, Intrepid Women will report illegal behavior or incidents to the appropriate level of law enforcement.

Additional Rights We Retain

  • – If you create duplicate accounts, use a person’s identity fraudulently,, or create an account under a false identity, we retain the right to disable or close your account. In the case of fraud, we retain the right to report it to the appropriate authorities.
  • – By using the service, the user agrees not to infringe upon the Service provider’s intellectual property rights. This includes, but is not limited to, copying code, unauthorized use of our logo, branding colors, typography, designs, data, created content, etc. Therefore, we retain the right to all rights to content created.
  • – You must present a written request to the Service provider for the use of any intellectual property not expressly granted in our Brand Guidelines.

Account Disabling and Or Termination

Conditions Needed for Termination

We reserve the right to refuse Service to anyone that falls outside of our specified User and/or anyone who violates these Terms of Use, our policies, or where we are permitted to by law.

Accounts will be immediately suspended if:

  1. 1. A User’s actions or behaviors in any way endangers the community to which the Service is provided; we retain the right to discontinue Services to said User. In addition,
  1. 2. A User’s actions or behaviors creates risk or legal exposure for Intrepid Women as a company; we reserve the right to terminate a User’s account.
  1. 3. A User repeatedly infringes on another’s right to freedom of movement and safety by harassment, threatening words or behaviors, or other behaviors causing physical or psychological harm.

Please note that the deletion of an account or the application will terminate the relationship between the User and Service, thus negating the Terms of Use.

Retention of Data and Timeline for Removal

All User data for Users that interact with the app at least once (1) every three (3) months (the “Active User”) will be retained until the User either deletes their account or the app is dormant for more than 90 days.

After an account is deleted, personal data will remain for no more than 60 days. User generated data will remain in storage in perpetuity, stripped of any personally identifiable information.

Content will not be deleted after 60 days where it would violate the any one of the following conditions:

  1. 1. Where the deletion of data is not possible due to technological limitations of our systems
  1. 2. Where data is being used for:
  2. 3. Ongoing investigations due to an incident reported to law enforcement
  3. 4. Investigate potential misuse, fraud, or other violations of our Terms of Use
  4. 5. Comply with legal obligations, such as the need to preserve evidence
  5. 6. Comply with a judicial request, administrative authority, law enforcement or government agency.

Our Agreement and What Happens If We Disagree

Agreement between Service provider and User

  • – If any part of this agreement is unenforceable, the rest remains intact.
  • – Any changes or waivers to the agreement as stated in the Terms of Use must be in writing and signed by an authorized party at Intrepid Women, Inc.
  • – We reserve all rights not expressly granted to the User.

Who is responsible if something happens

  • – Our service is provided “as is” and we can’t guarantee it will be 100% safe, secure, or will work perfectly all the time. We commit to doing our best to keep our Users safe and to mitigate risk for both the User and Service provider.
  • – While we commit to doing our best to verify User’s identities, and will respond appropriately to incident reports according to our policy and the law, we cannot control what other people say or do. We are not responsible for User’s actions on or off the application. Our liability is limited as much as the law will allow. There is no way for us to know all the possible impacts of User’s behavior. Therefore, by agreeing to use the service, a User knowingly takes on a certain amount of risk.

Who has rights under this agreement

  • – Intrepid Women, Inc. can invoke rights under this agreement in the event they become involved in a dispute.
  • – The User can invoke rights under this agreement but is not permitted to transfer their rights without written consent from Intrepid Women, Inc.
  • – Our rights and obligations can be assigned to others in the case of an ownership change.

Dispute Handling

  • – By using the Service, the User agrees that all arbitration will be settled on an individual basis in small claims courts.
  • – By using the Service, the User agrees that all arbitration will be settled in small claims court. Exceptions will be decided by a judge and Intrepid Women will comply with all court orders.
  • – By using the Service, Users waive their right to a juried trial.

[1] This product is only accessible for users that are defined in “Who can use the Bibti app”